Green Area in South Tangerang As Your Vacation Spot!

Living in urban is not always good. When holiday the only spot that available is only Mall. It’s nice if you have money, you can go out of the country and find a country that has a beautiful nature. However, around you, there is still a green area that you can make an alternative vacation spot. One of them is in South Tangerang, therefore to know more about Tangerang Selatan, you can visit website website.

1. Taman Kota

The park, founded in 2004, is located in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Serpong, or precisely in front of Al Azhar BSD School. If you come here maybe the first thing to think about is this place does not resemble a park, but it is more suitable to be called the forest. Yep, Garden City 1 has about 2500 trees. Ample enough amount for a region in Greater Jakarta. In this park, you are not only able to enjoy the fresh air and shady trees but you can also exercise because of the available jogging track and fitness ground. Then if you already have a child or maybe a little nephew, Taman Kota can also be the right choice for your little friend to play as well as learn to love nature.

2. Tanah Tingal
Once again if you already have children or have little nieces, then give them an invaluable experience, then you must bring them to Tanah Tingal, located in Jombang, Ciputat. The concept that this place offers is recreation and learning in the wild. Yep, your little friend can harvest in paddy fields, orchid flower gardening, flying fox toys, canoeing, climbing the wall. But the game is available if you come as entourage. Anyway, Tanah Tingal is also conducting musical performances. White Shoes and the Couples Company once felt how playing music in the middle of beautiful atmosphere.