Do you realize how much rubbish you earn every day?

Garbage is still a big problem faced by every country, for example Indonesia. As a country that has a lot of population, Indonesia takes a large enough contribution as a contributor of waste, especially waste in the sea. Did you know that Indonesia is ranked second for the largest waste contributor in the sea? For more information you can see at the community is expected to be able to instill the slogan “Lautku Bebas Sampah: Prevent Flow Until”.

With a large and growing population, Indonesia is expected to generate up to 130,000 tons of solid waste per day. Very much, is not it? Indonesia also has some facts about the garbage emergency you should know.

1. Indonesia became the second largest country in the world that produces waste into the oceans
There are 46 thousand plastic debris floating in every square mile of the ocean. Even plastic waste has reached a depth of nearly 100 meters in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic waste is also one of the largest sources of marine pollution in Indonesia.

2. Food is the largest contributor of waste.
Daily, every human being throws the waste 0.5 kg of food waste. Even garbage transported by janitor can reach 7500 tons per day. Do you realize all this time?