Separate the Pension Fund with the Reserve Fund

In everyday life, you need a reserve fund to handle unexpected needs that require some money to pay it off. But do not use the pension fund as an alternative to this reserve fund. From now on you should familiarize yourself to split your expenditure items into daily needs funds, reserve funds for immediate needs, and retirement funds that are prepared for future needs. Early retirement requires more mature preparation than regular pensions. That’s why you need an institution or company that can organize and provide accommodation to your needs, such as

Do not just think of current pleasures or enlarge your lifestyle needs. Begin also think about the needs in the future especially if you decide to retire early. Remember that when you decide to retire early, you will experience a phase of not having regular income until you decide to find a replacement job or open a business that can provide regular income even if its nominal is not as big as income before retirement. Remember! Increase in salary should not be addressed with pleasure.