The strong reasons to convert your super 8 videos

It’s true that having your videos to be stored within the super 8 format is anti-mainstream and also cool. However, it’s also concerning due to the rolls can be pretty sensitive to heat and humidity. So if you can’t manage to find the right place with the right condition to keep it safe, you bet that it will be damaged over time. So that’s why it’d be the best idea for you to convert super 8 to digital.

Aside from the safety, you will also be able to convert it into the 4K quality, which has the sharper and clearer pictures compared to the super 8 format itself. If you wish for such a feat, don’t choose the SD, Pro HD, or even the 2K. Those are worse and even the 2K can only reach the same quality. So if you wish to improve its pictures quality, choosing the PRO 4K will be your finest choice. It’s a bit pricey, but the result will be satisfying.