Can Alkaline Water Heal or Prevent Cancer?

Alkaline water is water that has a high PH (base) and is often claimed to provide many health benefits one of them heal or prevent cancer. Is that true? The reason why alkaline water initially claimed to be beneficial for cancer was that it was mentioned would create an alkaline environment in the body. Cancer cells need an acid environment to grow and when the body turns into a base it is assumed by itself to die or never arise. Professor Jorge J. Nieva of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Southern California, explains that alkaline water consumption is not capable of altering acidity in the body. The body has a regulatory system that will automatically change the acidity of all foods and beverages consumed. Body pH levels will not change from 7.4 to 7.6. If (acid-red) turns too far then you will end up in ICU. The same is expressed also by the clinical nutrition specialist Dr. Samuel Oetoro of Siloam Hospital. In the body of the lungs and kidneys work all the time so that the blood content of a person will not change at all.

If the blood pH is acidic or alkaline, nature is the organ of the lungs and kidneys not from the water we drink. Back in the case of alkaline water is beneficial for cancer, cancer cells are known to be unable to live in an alkaline environment but so is the case for normal cells. This means that even if someone can deliberately change the acidity level of the body then the same thing will damage him. Nutrition consultant Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, said most Indonesians are easily consumed by false claims. When a person feels he can benefit from the alkaline water it is probably because of something else. Why is the skin so bright? Yes because he drank more water, which is usually enough dehydration. Having a smooth appearance with beautiful skin has been desired by everyone. Alkaline water that is alkaline helps the body in rejuvenating the skin cells and store them in healthier skin cells. So that alkaline water helps shed dead skin cells, repair damaged tissue and make the skin become more elastic.

Many people feel insecure because they have acne that continues to grow. Acne is caused because there are toxins that continue to grow at the bottom of the skin surface. Toxins can come from food, drink, dirty air or residual cosmetics that are not clean. The benefits of alkaline water help the body to balance skin pH and remove all toxins in the skin. That’s why alkaline water will make the body healthier and skin cleaner.