Use the Ice and carpet shampoo for carpets

As you may aware, the stains on a carpet can be hard to deal with. So that’s why you definitely need to know the tricks to clean the naughty stains on your beloved carpets. Aside from that, you can also visit and call the best carpet cleaners near you.

Using the ice

This one way is a special way to clean the carpet. This method is used on carpets affected by chewing gum or gum used to stick to a carpet. The trick is to place ice cubes on carpet charts affected by chewing gum, let stand for 2 minutes then poke the former sticky gum with wood or something similar. The former chewing gum will disappear if this method is used. Do not get in the brush of the former chewing gum, so that the former chewing gum does not widen on the carpet

Using Carpet Shampoo

Using carpet shampoo is one way of care to keep our carpets clean and protected from bacteria and germs. Carpet shampoo has been sold in stores. This should be done routinely. Try when choosing a carpet shampoo by choosing an anti-germ shampoo. So that not only clean the carpet, bacteria, and bacteria will be eliminated. Cleaning the carpet using a carpet shampoo will get very clean results. In addition to clean carpets, we will be durable, because the shampoo is specifically for the carpet is not the other.