Things to know about fish finder

Are you familiar with fish finder? Even though this tool is helpful, not all people know what it’s and how to use it. Is it expensive to get? The working principle of the fish finder is a sound wave frequency between 15 kHz to 455 kHz transmitted transducer reflected by the bottom of the water and then recaptured by the transducer.

Fishfinder is an electronic device that works by emitting ultrasonic waves and recapturing its reflections. The fish finder device used to transmit waves and catch the wave back is called the transducer name. The repetitive reflection wave process is captured by the transducer and then translated in the monitor in the form of dots causing the topographic image of the waters.

We can finally distinguish the hardness of the topography of the basic structure of the waters from the topography result. Usually when the ground state of hard water bodies then the color on the monitor more concentrated images. Conversely, if the topography is soft then the image on the monitor was not