When They Underestimate, Then Struggle with God and Ability

You must have experienced the name “abuse of authority” alias belittled by the people around you for what you do and strive for. No matter what you do and strive for it takes a lot of time, energy, spending a lot of money and even messing up a bit of your life just to fight for what you think is good for you and your future. They are always easy to say with condescending and even abusive remarks about what you have done. While it is true, the abuse of authority is very painful. Moreover, harassment is accepted when you already have a lot of evidence that you are someone who excelled with what you are striving to date. Moreover, if those who harass those who can only talk without being able to show tangible evidence of the achievements he has ever achieved. Share with angel custodi your life experience and if you have any complaints.

Strive for what you have been doing. Sharpen your skills and do not forget to ask the blessing of the Divine as the owner of this world. Strive, pray and be assured that someday your future will change. So when the time comes, those who despise you will be your admirers, those who harass you will be distracted, those who are only able to corner you will be silent. When your time comes, you will become a person with a myriad of achievements, being a person who is praised, admired, and respected. Be always a humble person. Humble your heart as low as, lower than the feet that walk this earth.