Leg of Dying Signs of Diabetes

Common symptoms of diabetes, especially Type 1, are weight loss. When the pancreas stops working, the body looks for other ways to break down blood glucose. One way is to break down the fat in the body resulting in drastic weight loss. The higher the blood sugar, the greater the impact on the organs of the body. Reporting from medicalnewstoday.com, one consequence is that it can cause nerve damage in the system of the body, the feet can be numb. If the legs numb should immediately see a doctor. Should do a blood test because the symptoms can be similar to other symptoms of the disease. If there are signs of diabetes symptoms, then you should start taking https://www.somanindonesia.co.id/obat-herbal-soman-obat-diabetes-yang-teruji-klinik-untuk-penyakit-diabetes.

Without insulin, the body will suck fat that leads to the increased ketone in the body. When the body is mostly ketone, the stomach will feel nauseous and can cause vomiting. If ketone levels exceed normal limits, it can cause diabetic ketoacidosis that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. If you feel the symptoms, do not hesitate to immediately consult a doctor. Do not get ignorant and make everything too late.