Function of Nitric Oxide Compound

Nitric Oxide, also known as nitrogen monoxide, is a molecule with the chemical formula (N1O1). This molecule is an essential intermediary in the chemical cycle in the body. In humans, the Nitric Oxide compound (N1O1) is an important chemical compound for transporting electrical signals within cells, and functions in physiological and pathological processes. Similarly, this compound can cause dilation of blood vessels or in medical terms in call vasodilator strong so that it can lower blood pressure. This compound has long been known to be contained in anti-hypertensive drugs (high blood pressure), for example, nitroglycerin and amyl nitric drugs, whose use has been more than a century. The compound becomes active through the precursor mechanism for the occurrence of Nitric Oxide. It is important that you consume Nitric Oxide as your lifestyle support to stay healthy and fit, so to get it you can order it at

Nitric Oxide is one of the compounds that play a role in the transformation of signals in the metabolism of living things. Furthermore, this compound will convey a signal to the smooth muscle in the lining of the blood vessel (Endothelium), to relax, resulting in dilation or vasodilation of the blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow. The production of Nitric Oxide also causes dilation of the pulmonary vasculature, thus increasing oxygen saturation thus improving better breathing. Similarly, in the blood vessels as a whole, so it can be an effective anti-hypertensive lowering hypertension. Similarly, due to increased vitality of blood vessels, causing improvement in erectile ability or erectile stimulation in men.