Strange Symptoms That Can Be a Sign of Stress

A study published in Neurocase found that watching a stress-stricken 30-minute film alone makes it difficult for someone to do tasks that contain difficult words, rather than watching something light. Your body immunity decreases dramatically when you are stressed. This makes your body lose the ability to defend itself from viruses popping up around you. A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says people who are twice as likely to stress more flu, than those who are okay. Stressed people also produce inflammatory components as soon as their system is entered by the virus. This causes their sneezing and flu to get worse. Although rare, and only occurs in people with extreme stress levels, parasomnia (such as sleepwalking, eating while sleeping, and night terrors) can occur. This was stated by Rajita Sinha, Ph.D., director of the Yale Stress Center. So how can you handle this stress? You can start joining us at

You may withstand the stress of the neck and shoulders, a very basic dilemma for women. When experiencing major stress, stress can continue in the emphasis on a certain set of nerves in your arm that can lead to feelings of numbness and tingling. When stressed, your body strives to produce compounds that will help you act and suppress the production of other compounds that will lower your stress, Sinha explained. That means you will feel sharper pain.