This Prohibition You Must Obey When You Are In Saudi Arabia

As a State that carries out all Islamic laws, Saudi Arabia has restrictions that all people in the country must obey, not to mention hajj pilgrims. Hajj pilgrims must know the various restrictions to be comfortable in running worship. To feel comfort during worship, pilgrims must also choose the appropriate pilgrim travel. One thing you can do is visit the website you can get the best deals for the implementation of the Hajj and Umrah that you will do.

As a pilgrim, you need to know some of the restrictions in that country:

1. Clothing
In Saudi Arabia, all women should cover their bodies with long clothes and do not show curves. The outfit commonly used there is a black abaya.

2. Taking a Picture of Government House
Taking pictures of the Saudi government building can break the rules there. In addition, you also should not take pictures of Saudi women because they will deal with the law.

3. Women Go and Drive Alone
There, women who go alone are not allowed. Women also have a ban on driving in the country.